Gombe N. Park

Gombe National Park
Gombe is an oblong strip of rugged, mountainous terrain subjugated by many steep-sided ridges and valleys. There are more than 16 valleys, some containing swift streams that flow all year and are a guaranteed source of drinking water for the wildlife. Although Gombe Stream is Tanzania’s smallest national park, it is a magnificent remote destination well worth the troubles on reaching it.

This park is covered by a complex mosaic of vegetation types, with rolling grasslands on the ridge crests, open semi-deciduous woodlands on the steep slopes, and thick evergreen forests along the valley floors. The park is a small natural habitat and an isolated ecosystem bordered by Lake Tanganyika to the west and the high wall of the Great Rift Valley escarpment to the east.

50 species of animal have been identified in the park predominantly from the monkey family: chimpanzees, yellow baboon, Sykes monkeys, red tailed, savannah, colobus monkeys (both red and black & white). The park also hosts a variety of reptiles, birds and small mammals.

The best time to visit is between May and Octobe

4Days 3Night Crater Highland Walking Safari

4Days 3Night Crater Highland Walking Safari

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